You’ll receive one-to-one support direct from Alicia both during and after your training. All you need to do is email to arrange a suitable time for a phone or Skype call.

No, because we take a completely different approach to how other schools practice and train image consultants. At Alicia Kite Academy, we don’t believe in categorising people through colour analysis, personality type or even body shape. Our philosophy on style is all about helping and celebrating the individual, and practicing in this way has set us apart from other image consultants. When you qualify you will be able to use the Alicia Kite Academy logo and your clients will recognise the Kite mark of quality.

Alicia Kite Academy qualified consultants can expect to charge a minimum of £200 for a four-hour Wardrobe consultation and £265 for a four-hour personal shopping trip. Many of our consultants charge upwards of £300. What’s more, you have complete flexibility to choose your hours to suit your lifestyle.

Not at all! Alicia has been in the industry for over 30 years and will share her experience to help you become successful. All you need is the drive to help people look and feel great.

We’ve trained all kinds of people, from those already working in the image industry to those with little or no professional experience. Our courses are comprehensive enough to suit everyone, whatever your background.

Training as an image consultant has brought huge success to people who are already coaches. Being able to show someone the benefits of wearing clothes that flatter them but also reflect their personality or the image they are trying to betray is a great tool to ensure your client gets a sense of personal development.

You will find this course perfect for helping you to make better buying decisions. You’ll also be able to put events on for your customers that will benefit their personal style confidence, helping them to feel more confident when making a purchase. Alicia has 13 years of retail experience, and this alongside her corporate image consultancy experience has made her very valuable to retail owners that have joined the course.

You can aim to qualify within two months of completing the four-day course. Once you have completed for your four-day course, you will be required to complete assignments. These assignments maximise your learning and give you the confidence to be a successful image consultant. Alicia personally marks all assignments to ensure the Kite mark of quality is retained.

We recommend that you aim to complete the course within six months to maximize your learning. The more time you allocate to your learning each week, the quicker you’ll be able to complete the course. Alicia will mark all assignments personally to ensure your learning is effective.

90% of our customers are women, so our courses are geared towards styling women. Further training for styling men is available on request.

You may have many more questions before you decide if training to be an image consultant is right for you. If you’d like to discuss these with us, just email Alicia with your phone number and a suitable time to call – she’ll be happy to help!