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3 Day Academy Course

Men's Corporate Styling Course

Whether you choose the 3 day interactive course, or prefer to study at home, you’ll have access to the same great learning materials. You’ll receive:

  • Comprehensive manual, featuring over 400 pages of detailed guidance
    DVD featuring useful visual references, including wardrobe consultations given by Alicia
  • Many of our graduates tell us that they use Alicia Kite Academy learning materials on a regular basis to support them in their new businesses – they really do make a great reference tool


There are 2 modules covering every thing you will need to know, including:

  • Why image is important
  • How to carry out a consultation
  • Styling solutions for women
  • How to find and maintain your clients
  • How to get into the corporate world
  • Coaching skills to help your client and yourself develop
  • How to build a successful image business
  • How to take this skill into your existing business

All the information is broken down into easy and manageable topics to guarantee effective learning.

Module One includes:

  • Ensure your client’s image truly reflects their personality
    Teach them the power of clothes and how what they wear can and will transform their lives
  • Recognize what styles flatter or don’t flatter your client and why
  • Understand why wearing the correct underwear is the starting point of style
  • Learn how a bra should fit, and what style of bra to wear with what
  • Give your client the confidence to wear colour and learn how to make colours work for them. No rules, just the art of wearing clothes
  • Learn how to accessorise outfits, not only to reinvent what they already have but how accessories can make your clients look taller and slimmer
  • Show your client how to make the most of items they already own
  • Learn how to plan a wardrobe, knowing what you need and why
  • Reinvent and create new outfits from the clothes they already have
  • Know how your clients clothes should fit and the power of alterations
  • Understand how to organize their wardrobe, and why this is so important
  • Show your client how to maintain their clothes, instead of simply replacing them
  • Your client will not only wear every item in their wardrobe, they will want to wear every item

Module Two includes:

  • Teach your client the art of shopping during their ‘personal shopping education’
  • Advise on when to shop and how to shop
  • Know where to shop for your client’s personality, body shape and budget
  • Learn the art of “Price per Wear”
  • Understand when to make investment purchases and enjoy ‘fashion fun’
  • Learn how the fashion industry works
  • Recognise when to follow trends and how to interpret them
  • Give your client the confidence to enjoy fashion, regardless of age, size, budget or lifestyle
  • Show your client how to build on what they have, saving them time and money
  • Learn coaching skills
  • Understand yourself and your client
  • Learn how to communicate with confidence and integrity
  • Achieve success in marketing your new business
  • Gain confidence in public speaking
  • Learn how to build your business
  • Find clients and keep them

At the end of this course you will be equipped to build your own business, with a wealth of valuable knowledge based on Alicia’s vast previous and current experience as a leading style consultant.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you further how we can help build a new career and learn more about you!

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