Get ready to change your life for the better, with Alicia Kite Academy

Alicia Kite Academy is the product of one of the UK’s leading image consultants, Alicia Kite, whose career spans over 35 years in the image industry.

We’ve links to some of your favourite retailers, including Zara, John Lewis, Hobbs, Jigsaw, LK Bennett and many more.

Whether you want to become an image consultant or would like to receive a consultation yourself, we can help you to transform your life for the better.

So where did it all begin? Read on to find out more…


Stylish roots

Our founder Alicia Kite began her career when she opened her first designer clothes store in Sheffield, aged 19, selling designer names such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, MaxMara and Versace.

She went on to open a further five successful stores across the Midlands and South Yorkshire, and in her 20’s, she travelled fashion capitals of the world, attending all the top catwalk shows.


Facing a challenge

Alicia’s life changed overnight, as the recession hit while she was pregnant with her son Mikey, now 21. She lost control of her business and 13 years to the day her first store opened, she went personally bankrupt for over a million pounds. Left as a single mum without an income, Alicia knew her state benefits weren’t going to get her far. She had no qualifications as such, apart from a passion for dressing people and helping people to feel amazing in what they wear.

What was she to do? Alicia had a thought – “I know, I will contact my old customers and find out if they have any beautiful clothes they don’t wear any more.” Soon she launched her second-hand luxury store, Begin Again.


Changing behaviours

Soon enough, Alicia’s new fashion venture had taken her in a whole new direction. Alicia saw beautiful clothes being sold for a fraction of the price and thought it was criminal. She asked her customers if she could come and help them to reinvent these unwanted clothes so that they could wear them again – and so her image business was born, and continues to be successful some 20 years later.


A different approach

As an image consultant, Alicia felt frustrated with how the image industry was pigeon-holing people into bizarre categories such as colour types or personality slots. She found this way of carrying out a consultation had nothing to do with anyone’s individual style, or even style in general.

A new type of image consultant was needed – someone who could help people to gain confidence with their style using Alicia’s philosophy, “Style starts with YOU and not the shops” and “Your image is so much more than just colour swatches being draped around you!”


Launching the academy

Alicia decided to spread her unique knowledge and approach by launching Alicia Kite Academy in 2006.

From training girls around her kitchen table, Alicia has built her Academy to a great success and today holds sessions in her very own purpose built facility.

She has had clients from far and wide visit Nottinghamshire just for her service and is proud to say that there are now Alicia Kite Academy image consultants all over the world running their own successful businesses.