Retailers are target-driven, and employ mystery shoppers to check if their sales team aren’t engaging with their customers – but they often fail to identify why!

Alicia was a leading fashion retailer for 13 years and enjoyed a million-pound turnover. Since leaving retail 20 years ago and becoming one of the leading image consultants in the country, she is only too aware of what your customer is looking for.

She sees the shopfloor and online experience from the customers’ point of view. However, having been in both camps, she is well aware the frustrations both parties have. Managing the customer experience, while dealing with the constraints of high-pace retailing, is very much her forte.

Whether its staff training, customer store events or even helping with your collections direction, Alicia’s impact will prove to be invaluable.

Get help from the professional who knows what she’s talking about, and make sure that your customers and your profit see the difference.

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