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We all know how much first impressions count.

55% of people’s initial perception of a person is based on visual impact – before a word has even been spoken. It goes far beyond making sure you’ve combed your hair and polished your shoes.

Research also indicates that it takes 21 further experiences to change a first impression.

So, it’s essential that the people who work for you reflect your brand values – right from the word ‘go’. You need to know that all the equity you have built up in your brand is enhanced by your team.

It’s not just what other people see that’s important but how your employees see and value themselves.

How you look will affect your overall confidence and your performance. All too often, companies lose valuable team members because they get overlooked and their true value isn’t seen until after they have left. Alicia’s skill is in helping teams and individuals identify and achieve their true potential. She’s worked with big brands, including Mars, Specsavers and John Lewis, giving their people the confidence to deliver results.

If you look like a person of today, you’ll have a future for tomorrow. Get in touch now to transform your business’s image – email Alicia at

Get in touch now to transform your business’s image – email Alicia at or call 0115 933 2933.

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  • From start to finish my shopping day with Alicia in London was a fabulous experience. With Alicia's incredible instinct for knowing what will look good on me and fit my budget, along with her immense knowledge of what's in the shops, I came home with a new wardrobe of clothes I feel truly confident in, and which I know I will wear over and over again. Shopping with Alicia has saved me time and money - an invaluable help in a busy lifestyle. I'm already looking forward to my next shop with Alicia.

    Alison Daniell The Media Group, Director
  • Alicia provides a real awakening when it comes to applying brand values to who we are and what we do. For me personally, and many of my colleagues, her knowledge and judgement about what suits who creates visible change and promotes a feeling of real self worth and inner confidence. Thanks Alicia.

    Paul Wright MARS CHOCOLATE, National Sales Training Manager

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