Have you ever thought how much money you spend on clothes that you rarely, if ever, wear? How much time do you spend looking for clothes that make you look and feel great? You may find the answers will shock you.

It’s easy to get to the point where you feel you have lost your ‘style mojo’, and forget what makes you feel fabulous. We’ll show you how to regain your style confidence, change the way you shop and enjoy wearing all of your clothes.

A personal consultation with Alicia will do all this and so much more but don’t just take our word for it. Here is what Alicia’s clients say about why they can’t do without her:

“I suppose I just want to say that I have really appreciated your help and expertise over the years. I do not enjoy clothes shopping and have very little stamina for it. However, with your help I have built up a fabulous wardrobe which I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I do enjoy and really appreciate my clothes.”

“Some of my favourite pieces are the ones that I would never have found or had the confidence to buy without you, Alicia.”

“I have some beautiful things which I bring out year after year and they still look great – when I look through my wardrobe it brings back happy memories of holidays and special occasions.”

“You have restyled some of my outfits, other outfits haven’t needed updating. Everything  has been chosen well and fits with my lifestyle.”

“I have very much appreciated and enjoyed having you help me, Alicia.”

“My husband has been pleased and my daughter wants to borrow my clothes!”

“I can’t recommend you highly enough: you know what works and where to find it; you are hard working, always positive and fun to be with.”

I’m looking forward seeing you for the autumn winter season.”

In Alicia’s words, this is why she enjoys working with her clients so much:

“As you can see I have the best job in the world. I have typically worked with my clients for 10 years and more. Why do they have me every season?  Surely they know what suits them, and believe me, they do. What I do is help them to plan their style according to their busy diaries and lifestyles. Some of my clients hate clothes shopping, but love feeling fabulous in their clothes. Some of my clients are so busy they simply don’t have the time and when they do have any free time they certainly don’t want to be clothes shopping, they want to be able to relax with their families, not jostling the high street or touring the internet searching for what to wear. My clients all have their own style, I just manage it with them. I believe everyone’s style is and should be an evolution. You just need to keep to your core style and change it according to how your body and lifestyle changes. I love to hear about where the outfits we created have been and the fun they had wearing them.  Alicia x”.

Alicia shows you how to take control of your style by looking differently at the clothes in your wardrobe, and identify what the clothes are saying about you and how they make you feel. When you understand exactly what you want from your clothes, you’ll start to look and feel amazing, and you’ll buy less, but will have more to wear.

If you don’t see and feel the difference after one consultation, Alicia always offers your money back – although hundreds of happy clients gathered over 20 years can’t be wrong! You can learn more about Alicia’s philosophy here.

Change your life today – contact Alicia now via email at alicia@aliciakiteacademy.co.uk or call 0115 933 2933.

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