Alicia Kite a highly respected Image Consultant, with over 35 years experience.

Having spent 13 years running her fashion retail business, and a further 20 years as an image consultant (including 11 years training style consultants), Alicia truly understands people and the huge impact that the clothes we select and wear have on our daily lives.

Alicia enjoys long-term collaborations with corporate clients such as Mars, Specsavers and Ernst Young, and all sorts of individual clients, many of whom she has worked with over a number of years.

She has connections with some of your favourite fashion retailers, including Zara, John Lewis, Hobbs, Jigsaw, Reiss and LK Bennett.

Alicia’s infectious enthusiasm is a big characteristic of her business. Alicia provides practical guidance that gives her clients the freedom to create the look they want to achieve and to ensure their personality is reflected through their personal image. She guides clients carefully and awakens the importance of what they wear and the effects it has on them and people around them.

For her private clients, she works with their current clothes. They are surprised at how many clothes they have that they can really love once they know how to wear them. Alicia ensures every item you own you want to wear because they make you look and feel amazing. Her techniques include learning how to select key pieces, saving money on unnecessary purchases and giving you more time to enjoy your life.

In any business, the team that represents your company and your brand are the cornerstone of your success – you know that they make the difference.

Once they know how to make the most of who they are, and be their confident and natural best, watch them shine in their performance, whether in sales or as part of a team. The mantra ‘look successful, be successful’ really is true, but it’s not as simple as buying some new clothes,

Fashion retail is a hard industry to operate in and Alicia’s vast retail experience comes into its own when helping your sales team to develop their style and image, which helps with your customers’ overall experience and, in turn, encourages sales.

If you’re a retailer, we can help you boost your sales. Alicia hosts amazing in-store fashion events that are guaranteed to put money in your till and leave your customers feeling they had a good trip out. This is not a fashion show, it is all about helping your customer to understand how to make your brand work for their look.

Whether you decide to train with Alicia, have a personal consultation, run a personal branding workshop for your business, or help her to increase the sales in your fashion store, your experience will be life changing.

Hundreds of people have already benefited from Alicia’s experience in the image industry, and are now able to help themselves and others to confidently dress the way they want to and save money.