At Alicia Kite Academy we believe that styling advice isn’t about chasing fads or keeping up with short-lived trends, we focus on helping our clients to find their individual and unique style – for complete and effortless confidence, whatever the situation.

Knowing that the power of what you wear can help you achieve success, both emotionally and financially – it truly is life changing. With over 30 years experience, Alicia has proved this time and time again. 

How many times do you wear something and feel amazing, confident, strong, sexy, successful, whilst at other times what you wear can make you feel depressed, unconfident, weak, frumpy and even a failure.

What you wear has such a huge influence on your life, yet so many of us take our clothes and appearance for granted.

Simply ask yourself these questions:

Why do you think about what you wear for an interview?

How many times have you been having email contact with someone and then you meet them and think, gosh I wouldn’t have expected them to LOOK like that. 

Why do you plan the things you are going to wear for a special occasion?

They are only clothes, right? Or are they?

If you want to be sure you are making the right decisions when choosing what to wear and you want to look and feel amazing no matter what you are doing, you need to know the techniques.

If you want to help people to achieve their true potential and you want to build up your skills and be one of Alicia’s qualified stylists then it’s time for you to contact Alicia.

It’s easy! You can learn more about the Alicia Kite Academy and our philosophy by following one of the links below – you’ll be amazed at how much experience we have to offer.

Our Philosophy

Before you start your style journey with us, we think it’s important you understand the philosophy of the Alicia Kite Academy

  • We are all individuals and style is about knowing how you are, your style DNA
  • Image is an evolution and as you change your style remains true to who you are today.
  • Knowing what you want from fashion is when you know you have your style confidence
  • Your Underwear is the starting point of style
  • Learning how to maintain your clothes so they look like new every time you wear them

Who is Alicia Kite

Our History

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